We are all becoming more independent in our workplaces than we used to be. Gone are the companies that occupied entire buildings – instead, many people are running their businesses from workplace hubs or even from home. We don’t need secretaries – we can all type! We don’t need accounts departments – there’s an app for that. But what about marketing?

Clear messages for your customers

When you set out to market your own business, you will probably encounter the problem that countless other business owners have struggled with before. You know so much about your business, like the minute detail of your products and the blood, sweat and tears that went into them, that it can be very difficult for you to crystallise it into marketable ideas. Your own personal involvement with your business is very important – it’s what keeps most business owners going – but it doesn’t necessarily tell your customers what they need to know.

The solution to this problem is to outsource your marketing. Your marketing consultant can be objective. They’ll listen to the whole story of your business, and help you decide which areas to focus on. You know how many hours it took you to come up with your fantastic product, but your customers’ priority is whether or not it works.

You may have built your own website, but the time you spent on it is really revenue lost by your business. Compare that with the cost of having your website built by a professional. Can you afford not to outsource?

Can you afford not to outsource?

Another reason to outsource your marketing is time. Sure, you could design your own business cards, build your own website and design your own social media campaign, but would it be a good use of your time?

It’s sad to see business owners taking time away from their core business to work on aspects of their marketing when they could be outsourcing. Believe me, the numbers don’t add up. We can all do our core business quickly and well. The other stuff takes us ages. For example, you might spend a whole working day on Photoshop, making yourself a business card. During that day, you would have done none of your core business. You may not have paid anyone else to make your card, but you did cost your business a day’s revenue. Outsourcing would have been a lot cheaper, and you’d probably end up with a more professional result too.

I love making marketing easy for new businesses. If you’re starting up your business and you’re ready to outsource your marketing, get in touch on 07460 388 640.

For more information regarding the concepts of marketing see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing