SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – in other words, making Google find your website. It’s not always an exact science, and the competition’s behaviour can throw in some extra challenges. However, with some basic understanding of what Google is really trying to do, there’s no reason why you can’t improve your search engine ranking.

What can I do to improve my website’s SEO?

SEO is made up of many factors. A fast running website will be found more quickly than a slow one. Google will prioritise websites with bona fide visits and shares. You can also go in for pay-per-click and AdWords, and there are lots of nifty ways to name photographs and build easy-to-find metadata.

But words, whether on the front of your website or in your metadata, are what Google uses to find its way around the internet and produce its search results. This means that good copywriting is key to SEO.

How does good content improve SEO?

There was a time when you could write any old rubbish, fill it with keywords and stick it on your blog page and – hey presto! – Google would find it as soon as someone searched for the keywords you’d stuffed into it.

But no longer.

Google knows that people use the internet to buy things and find information. If the information people find through Google is duff or the products are not what they’re looking for, the search engine will lose users, and that’s the last thing it wants.

So Google has developed new bots that can read content and detect keywords. Content that is obviously stuffed with keywords is now penalised; well-written, informative content with specific points to make gets a high ranking. Google’s doing this because it’s providing a service – not to businesses (sorry), but to its users.

For this reason, your website content needs to be worth reading.

Fortunately, keeping people on your website, reading your content, is in itself an important boost to your SEO. Search engines look for how long visitors spend on web pages, and use this information to rank your site. This is because if they stay on your site for some minutes, it shows Google that the visitor found the site they wanted. Give your visitors worthwhile content and they’ll stick around longer to read it.

How do I create effective content?

Regular blogging is a great way of bringing fresh content to your site. In addition to encouraging the “good content = good SEO” formula described above, it also gives your customers (and team members) lots of opportunities to share content across social media and in email newsletters. This increases your visibility, which drives more traffic to the site, which tells Google you’re good at what you do and therefore deserve to rank highly in a search.

It can be hard to find time for regular blogging, but like so many aspects of your business, it’s one that’s easy to outsource. A good copywriter will even help you come up with blog topics, so don’t worry if your mind’s a blank!

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