People are on Google this second trying to find your business.

They need your services and are willing to spend money, but are they finding you?

If your website isn’t ranking well, your potential clients won’t be able to find your web site because ninety five percent of individuals don’t go to Google’s second page.

Every single website must rank with Search Engine Optimisation to be viable in today’s on-line, data driven, Google using, business savvy professionals. Particularly when dealing in the property sector, people are typing search terms like “how to market my property in London”, “how to advertise London property”, or “London property marketing mistakes to avoid”, it’s imperative that your business shows up one the first page of popular search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all display relevant results for each search submitted to them in different ways so it’s good to work with a marketing agency that knows how to rank your website properly. Property agents that receive little or no organic traffic can struggle in today’s market.

The internet can be seen as a database for all the websites on the internet. In the past, customers had to trust the telephone book and high street local businesses within walking distance of their home. The web has changed everything. Each client has all the data they may want at the tip of their fingertips whether they are on their tablet, smartphone or computer. All businesses must now play the “ranking game” to stand out for popular search terms, especially estate agents and property professionals. There is some good news however, crafting good SEO to attract more on-line traffic and clients is not unobtainable. With a bit of work and careful planning, your business can start to substantially benefit from a high ranking website.

To properly stand out and attract internet traffic, these top criteria must be addressed for a SEO optimised property website:

Here are three things you can do to increase your online visibility…


Search engines are powered by keyword searches. When looking for a London based SEO company like Estata Marketing to help improve your website’s Google ranking, it’s important to find one that properly understands what they’re doing as some businesses could cause way more damage than good. Incorrectly listing keywords on your website may get you blacklisted by Google.

Specific Key Phrases

When you use specific, targeted keywords it’s vital to feature your location. For example, “apartments available’ can show your website to those who are looking for residences, however “apartments available in Mayfair” is a lot more specific to people in targeted demographic who can actually work with you. Clients typically perform searches for areas close to them, and with no location your website less likely to compete with top ranking sites.

For a moment, step back from your website and think about what people may be typing into Google to find services that you are offering. If they are typing in something like “apartments in Battersea” than you will need to write content for these keywords. The word “Battersea” is prominent, so you may want to write an area guide for Battersea, write about it’s history, new developments, local parks, hidden gems, lovely walks, local cafes or bars, etc. 

Property Descriptions

When it comes to Google, the property descriptions form a vital part of your SEO strategy. The words used to describe the property should to be compelling, interesting, descriptive, and preferably written with over 500 words. Property descriptions should include area-specific phrases that will take advantage of Google property searches. EG “this property for sale is next to Hyde Park” or “this 2 bedroom apartment next to London Bridge is for rent”. Amenities are another way to capture searches by including well-searched versus such as “this property features an enormous ensuite” or “this second floor flat has incredible views of Clapham Common”.


Your photos play a very large part of your website’s SEO. Adding ALT Text, Meta Descriptions, and Captions will help search engines identify your image and send people to your website as a result of their search. If you’ve tried an image search on Google, you’ll be familiar with this method of searching. If you want to improve your website’s SEO, always use at least one photo that correlates to the content on the page. In the photos ALT Text, description and caption, describe what the photo shows and how it relates to the content on the page it is being displayed. For example, if your website page is about “The Benefits of Living in Beautiful Chelsea” and the photo displays the Chelsea Flower Market, you may want to describe the photo as “As a local resident, you’ll be front and centre for the annual Chelsea Flower Show”.

Your Web Site

It may be obvious, but your website needs a thorough examination for flaws that may make your SEO efforts worthless. If you are attracting new visitors to your site but they are not engaging with your site (also called a bounce), it may be time to get a professional team to examine it for weaknesses.

  • Is it eye catching, intuitive, and very simple to navigate? If your new visitors cannot find what they are hoping to find, they will simply leave.
  • Does it load quickly? Does your website load fast enough? No one has time to wait for a slow loading site.
  • Is your website mobile friendly? In the UK, about half of all traffic is performed on a mobile device.
  • Is there a call to action? What do you want your new visitors to do? Is there an incentive for them to contact you, perhaps a discount or special offer for new clients?

BONUS – Well-Directed Social Media

Social media is a medium that just about everybody uses. Just about three billion (yes billion!) people world-wide use social media networks. Property agents need to use social media, in a unique way that works for them. We suggest crafting and sharing short, highly interesting, and engaging posts targeted at your core demographic. The idea here is to get your audience to share, comment, like, or click into your post. Marketing you London estate agent can be easy if your blasting interesting content to the right audience, and Facebook, Instagram, GoogleMyBusiness, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest can help.

If you feel overwhelmed optimising your own website, then it may be time to call on the professionals. Estata Marketing has professionals dedicated to optimising websites, it’s what we do. From social media management to print selling, from email campaign selling to graphic style choices, Estata Marketing can assist you promote your business to new clients looking for your services. Their SEO experience can increase web traffic and cause a measurable increase in on-line visitors. Don’t be left behind your competitors after they fine-tune their property web site. Be a part of the growing trend and push your business to another level.

The team at Estata Marketing has a lot of experience at increasing the visibility of estate agents. Whether you need help with your website, social media, email campaigns or anything else, we can help. Get in touch today on 020 353 818 64.

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