Social Media is very quickly becoming the marketing powerhouse emphasising interaction and engagement. Companies now are spending upwards of one quarter of their entire digital marketing budget to focus exclusively on social networks. Unfortunately it takes time, energy and creativity to effectively engage with people. Estata Marketing puts years of practice into increasing your followers, likes and engagement by creating content worth sharing.



Estata Media offers a comprehensive social media management service focusing on driving engagement, followers, likes and conversations.

Our social media management team focus on Facebook management, Instagram administration, LinkedIn business growth and Twitter engagement. Social network management relies heavily on focusing on your story and emphasises your brand’s strengths and uniqueness. Social networks are now the best place to interact with companies on a personal level. Estata Marketing offers a strategic social marketing strategy to boast your followers, like and brand appeal.


We focus on social media growth by analysing your current statistics. We create a plan and work with you to tell your story.

Facebook Management

Whether you want to grow your Facebook followers, start a Facebook Ad Campaign or increase your post Our social media team will set goals after an analysis of where you stand at the moment. Facebook made easy.

Instagram Management

Estata Marketing social media management team will look at your Instagram and create a report that marks where you are and more importantly, where you want to go with goals and achievements. We make Instagram easy.

Twitter Management

Take control of your social media Twitter account with our Twitter management team. We treat every campaign is different and start by asking the basics, where are you and where do you want to go? Twitter made easy.

I already had multiple social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram but didn’t have time to properly manage them. Estata Marketing was able to manage these and increase our followers and engage with our clients which resulted in more traffic to our website.

Rhonda Watson

There is no question that social media will continue to gain more attention from potential clients. Utilise this medium to build your business and rapport.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest and YouTube remain as a very important stream on income from businesses. Estata Marketing taps into these networks to increase your net worth.