Email marketing campaigns provides many amazing benefits for every business. First it provides a touch point for existing clients, this essentially means those abandoned shopping carts won’t be forgotten. Second, it’s an advertisement for new products, services or news. Finally and most importantly, email marketing keeps your clients remembering who you and what you do. Estata Marketing makes it easy for your company to take advantage of these and many more benefits.



Used strategically, email marketing campaigns are one of the best marketing practices for retaining and advertising to existing clients.

The effectiveness of these email campaigns depends on many factors including a long term plan, eye-catching design, calls to action and a good subject line. There are many other things to consider but Estata Marketing takes the entire email campaign and designs it to suit your brand and audience. We also prepare AB testing for our clients meaning we send two different designs or email subjects and measures which of the two get a better open rate. This information improves email open rates in the future too.


Utilising copy-writers, graphic designers, and coders, Estata Marketing will create, manage and plan effective email campaigns to drive traffic to your website or strengthen your brand.

Audience: Newsletters

Many companies choose to send weekly or monthly product digests to keep their customers or fan base up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities. This is a popular and easy way to encourage new customers to take action.

Audience: Win-Backs

Give people an incentive to come back. Add a deadline or sale to your offer to create a sense of urgency. Urgency helps suspend their natural behaviour, such as procrastination and motivates them to act on impulse.

Audience: Nuturing

Depending on the specific action a persona takes, you may want to enroll them in a lead nurturing campaign. Lead nurturing emails consist of a tightly connected series of emails containing useful, targeted content.

Estata Marketing helped us establish a very effective email campaign which we send fort nightly to our database. Our clients love the design and enjoy the content we send. Estata Marketing made our email campaigns very easy.

Iva Nilicova, Nanny Connection

Estata Marketing starts by building a plan with you, we work on a design that accentuates your brand and gains attention from your audience.

So whether you’re trying to update your database with new information or get them back to finalise their abandoned shopping cart, Estata Marketing is here to assist. Let’s formulate a plan and utilise this remarkable marketing tool.