People lead busy lives. They need to be able to recognise your brand as soon as they see it – consistent branding is essential to achieve this.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of consistent branding, but in fact, it’s key to building client trust and achieving conversions.

Why consistent branding is important

Consistent branding is important to building client trust and putting across a clear message. If it was well-designed in the first place, your brand will already tell potential clients what you do, and reflect your company ethos. Having achieved this, it’s important to be consistent in your branding so that the messages you give your clients are clear.

With consistent branding, customers will know that your company is, say, sponsoring an event just because they recognise your logo or typeface on the literature. When you put your branded pen or company literature into the delegates’ goodie bags, the delegates will instantly know that you’re the sponsor of the event and that the pen comes from you. Imagine how much less power there would be in sponsoring an event if the logo on the brochure was branded inconsistently with the pen in the delegate pack.

Everyone loves a free pen, but it’s unlikely to convert anyone on its own. To be effective, it needs to be part of consistent branding.

How to make your branding consistent

There are four key elements in your brand:

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Typefaces
  • Style

When you’re creating your brand, it’s important to make all these four elements consistent. The Estata brand – as you’d expect! – has very clear guidelines. The brand features particular shades of blue and green, which are also used for the logo. If you’ve ever had an email from Estata’s Chris Galkowski, you’ll see even the tie he’s wearing in his signature photo is in Estata colours! Photoshop can be a useful tool in bringing your different marketing elements together and sometimes a small tweak is all that’s required.

You must also remember to give your employees and remote workers access to the right branding. This means that when they communicate with clients, there will be consistency across their email signatures, business cards and any online tools they may use, such as social media. This is particularly important if one employee has to stand in for another – the client will not have had contact with the second employee, but consistent branding will help them understand that their new contact represents the same company and will maintain the same standards of service.

At Estata Marketing, we know all about branding and how to keep it consistent. For help with your company brand, give us a call today on 07640 388 640.