Social Media and the Rise of Engagement Marketing

Without question, social media is here to stay.Like it or loathe it, billions (yes, billions with a "B") of people are browsing content on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube every month.It's not a question of "is your company advertising on these social media sites", the question now is "how much time are you dedicating to these [...]

You’re Probably Making These Five Mistakes if You’re a Blogger

Blogging is time consuming. If you outsource it, it’s an important regular payment. Don’t waste time and money by writing a blog that no one is going to read. Follow our guide and start improving your blog today. Mistake 1: Embrace the haters and stay uniquely you It's difficult to develop a unique perspective these [...]

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Understanding SEO – The Importance of Quality Content

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – in other words, making Google find your website. It’s not always an exact science, and the competition’s behaviour can throw in some extra challenges. However, with some basic understanding of what Google is really trying to do, there’s no reason why you can’t improve your search engine [...]

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