Countless businesses are already leveraging Facebook advertising to increase their brand visibility and drive sales. This low-cost, highly-targeted solution is becoming a key advertising tool in today’s marketplace. If you’re not yet using Facebook advertising, you probably should be. Here’s why:

  1. Reach thousands of people for the minimum outlay

Over 1.4 billion people worldwide have Facebook accounts, most of who check theirs more than once a day. It’s still the most popular form of social media, even with the rise of quicker, more visual social media platforms like Instagram. Facebook is your chance to connect with a lot – a hell of a lot – of people.

Facebook advertising is also one of the cheapest forms of targeted advertising available at the moment. Through Facebook, your ad could be shown to 4000 people per day, for just 75p or $1. Compare that with newspaper advertising, which can come in at around £2,500 for a quarter page and might not be seen by your target market.

With Facebook advertising, you can have several campaigns running at once, tailored to different target markets.

2. It’s not just good value, it’s targeted

When you advertise on Facebook, you choose who sees your advert. This means that you can design an advert that will appeal to your target market, and you don’t have to worry that it will cut you off from other potential sales. For example, if you sell holidays, your family holiday ad design would appeal to mums (because they’re usually the ones who book the holidays!) You could then choose to only show it to female Facebook account holders between certain ages, thus connecting with women who are likely to have young children.

At the same time, you could use targeted advertising to promote package holidays to both men and women in the 18-24 category, and grown-up, child-free city breaks to older women (again, they’re the ones who make the bookings!).

3. You can convert people who are sitting on the fence

If people have visited your website, looked at your products and services but not ended up by making a purchase, Facebook advertising allows you to reconnect with them on social media – seeing the additional ad might just seal the deal.

One of the ways this form of advertising works is to appear on the news feeds of people who already know your business. To allow your Facebook ads to do this, you can upload your (GDPR proof!) contact list, enabling Facebook to find your contacts and show them your ads.

Another technique is to add Facebook pixels to your website’s code. This will show Facebook which users visited your website and what they looked at. It can then show them adverts for those very products on their Facebook feeds. We think that’s pretty cool!


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